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Polgara is the daughter of Belgarath the Sorcerer and Poledra. She's a powerful witch using a power know as the Will and the Word. Essentially it means that she gathers energy from her surroundings and then unleash is by uttering a word. It can be any word and she can whisper it, say it or shout it. She often makes a hand movement aswell. Polgara can also read thoughts, shapeshift and manipulate the human brain, among other things. She's a apprentice to the god Aldur just like her father and mother. Polgara had a twin sister named Belnedra who's dead since a long time (however Aldur chnaged her appearance to be different from that of her sister). Polgara and her father has fought against the evil forces in the world for centuries. She's immortal although she can be killed. Nobody has succeeded with that however. Polgara is more than 3000 years old although she still look beautiful in contrast to her father who aged into an old man. Polgara has for millennia looked after the royal family of Riva as descendant to the first king of Riva, and her sister, would defeat the Evil Prophecy.

Polgara has gained many titles through the more than 3000 years she has lived. She does not care much about them but the title as the Duchess of Erat lies close to her heart even though Erat since long became a own country called Sendar.

Polgara is know both for her beauty and her power throughout her world. She has long black hair with straws of white which she got when her father touched her the first time.

Her mother is also an apprentice of Aldur however she was born as a wolf. She's considered dead but she is fact not. She had simply finished her duty and her next one forced her to leave her husband and children behind. Poledra however is always with Polgara.

Polgara is married to Durnik who's also a sorcerer although he was trained as a smith. Durnik died during the same time Belgarion defeated the evil god Toluk but the rest of the gods then revived him and gave him the gift of the Word and the Will. He's thereby immortal just like Polgara and Belgarath. Although Polgara was only aunt to the first prince of Riva she has since the assassination of the royal family tried to retain and keep the family safe. As such she has always been known as Aunt Polgara by all subsequent generations, even Belgarion, born Garion, who's the current king of Riva. He wields the sword on which the Orb is encased into and he's known as the Godslayer. The Orb, also known as Orb of Aldur, is the core of good in their world and the Prophecies are the voice of the two Destinies.

Books she appears in:
The Belgariad
The Malloreon
Belgarath the Sorcerer
Polgara the Sorceress

Bio links
David Eddings Codex
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